It would seem that Johnny King came out of nowhere...

...but, in fact, he comes from music royalty. Born in the Bronx, his multi-talented family has given the entertainment world his big sister R&B/Disco Diva Evelyn "Champagne" King. His great Uncle Avon Long is credited with truly discovering Lena Horne and bringing to life the character "Sportin' Life" in Porgy and Bess. His mother and father successfully developed and co-managed musicians and groups. It wasn't unusual for Johnny to come home from school and see famous musicians at his kitchen table. Growing up surrounded by music, he taught himself to play several instruments at a young age. It seems natural that, as his mother said; Johnny would "make his mark on the music world one day".

With the release of his debut album "All About Me", writer/singer/producer/musician Johnny King intends to carve out his own niche in a market inundated with scores of cookie cutter songs driven by computerized, techno-driven sampled grooves. This album is reminiscent of a time when music was actually made, not programmed. All tracks are written, composed, produced and performed by Johnny King. All of the instruments are recorded live and are all played by Johnny--guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. The lush background harmonies are all Johnny. In fact, there is not another human being on this album. Johnny wanted his debut effort to truly represent who he is--thus the album title and theme "All About Me" was formed. The entire album was recorded by Johnny in his home studio and released under his own record label, Like A Duck Music, LLC.

A breath of fresh air, Johnny masterfully leads you to experience a myriad of emotions as you walk with him step by step through this very personal, memoir-like collection of thoughts sung out loud. His passionate recital of this journey through love and loss connects with those primal emotions in all of us: the need to love and be loved in ‘Sad To Know’, intimacy and forgiveness in ‘Foolish’. Fully engaging that which far too many take for granted, Johnny makes it clear, as you will find, what kind of woman catches his eye with 'Natural'.

You're invited to breathe deeply as you relax with silky love songs that draw you into his story. 'Could Be' is an intimate song of love and longing. Women, you will attempt to control your breathing so as not to reveal being swept up as he sings, as if only into your ear, "thirsting for what you tasted? I don't want that body wasted, so I'm putting in that overtime” in ‘Us’. You’ll find yourself taking quick short breaths as you oblige his call to 'March' yourself to the dance floor, and the songs ‘Throwback’ and ‘I Just Want to Dance’ will keep you there. A steady-paced head bob is just what's needed as this singer reveals that a woman is still at the center of a man's universe with the playful, bass-driven ‘D.I.M.E.’. And the provocative ‘The Absurdity (of Pride)’ gives a glimpse into the mind of a man who thinks he has it all. As you discover this music maverick’s immense talent you might believe he has it all. As far as he’s concerned four words say it all:

Real Music. Johnny King.