1. Us

From the recording Us


Baby I'm here, you asked me to swing by
It's the middle of the night
Is it that you'd like to continue last night?
I noticed that you dimmed your lights
Thirsting for what you tasted, I don't want that body wasted
So I'm putting in that overtime
It's like I found a four-leafed clover
You were sad ‘cause you thought it was over
But know my encore’s still part of the show
I'm gonna show you what love's like in over-drive you right out of your mind
When it's over, those nosy neighbors who make such a fuss will see
Why these walls always shake in between us
Verse 2
Don't make a sound, as I go down that road
(We're about to travel down that road, Oo oo)
But if you moan too loud they'll know you're not alone
Then I'm gonna have to hit the road
Our own private after party, sweat’s dripping off of your body
And I'm drinking you like fine wine
You were dying to let down your hair
When I dominate you, you won't even care
But when your friends ask I bet that you would swear
That I begged you girl but you and I know that we both wanna be here
Girl (you're gonna know what it's like to be loved like a queen) to be loved, like a queen yeah
(Just know after tonight, you belong to the King) you're gonna wanna belong to the King darlin’
(Nothing ‘bout our lovemaking needs to be discussed) It never need be discussed
(And the groundwork we've laid, that's between us) Oh ooo
We're about to go where we haven't yet
Hand in glove baby we just fit
In this marathon we can't quit yeah
Our clothes are on but we're still in love
What are we gonna do ‘bout it (who knew one night would turn into forever)
I think it's time that we both commit, yeah
Chorus 3
(You are all that I need baby I am your man) whoo
(As I drop to one knee) one knee (with this ring in my hand)
(When I look in your eyes, heaven's closer to touch)
Baby it’s true, when I look at you, Heaven's close to touch
(So we don't compromise, let's complete us!)